And this is a.....

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Some of my favorite carving is what I call "free-carving" which is when I just grab a block of wood and start carving. I may have a rough idea in mind of what I'm working towards but each time I end up with something new. I've learned new techniques and styles by doing this and it also helps to establish "your look" of carving. I feel that each carver has their own "look" and you don't necessarily need your own but it is fun to see something that is purely yours. I'll often take an idea that I've seen in a book or magazine and then make changes to it so it becomes a little more "like me". Faces are tough for beginner woodcarvers so instead of passing by a carving opportunity, maybe you pull the hat down over the eyes since those are definitely a bit tougher and then give it a shot. Or perhaps the character has hands but you can stick those in a pocket since those can be tricky as well. Remember, you don't have to make your carving look exactly like the picture!

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