Are you kidding me?

So you've been carving for a few weeks or months and you are getting frustrated with your progress. We've all been there so time to step back and evaluate. When I was a flight instructor, we referred to it as a "learning plateau" and everyone visits the plateau at some point. I'm no different and have found a few things that help me get through it. First, I have my go-to carving that I know I can do and is fairly easy to carve. The first thing this does is remind you how much you love to carve and the second thing is that it proves you can carve. Second, I step back and sometimes just "free-carve". Free-carving is simply picking up a piece of wood and a knife and just carving. Might end up with a tooth pick or may end up with something that ends up being a part of your portfolio but it gets you back to just carving. Some of my best carvings and ideas have been a result of "free-carving" and definitely helps get me back on the right track.

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