Spring is Here!

Finally, warmer weather is here along with the budding of the trees and flowers popping up from the ground! During my hibernation months (Jan-Mar), I spend most of my carving time looking for new ideas and trying new projects that I often don't have time for once I get carving for the fall and holiday seasons. I spent a good chunk of time working on bears this winter and really had fun changing the basic design that Mike Shipley presents in his book "Country Bear and Friends". I had fun dressing one as a lifeguard and even just finished one that has rabbit ears in time for Easter! The bear angel is a new favorite and I'll be sure to have some of those ready in the shop at Silver Dollar City for this upcoming season. Speaking of upcoming season, can't wait to get back to Branson and Silver Dollar City for another season of carving! I've had the opportunity to carve with so many other carvers from around the mid-west and meeting so many guests from around the country. Can't wait to get back down there and hope to be there late May or early June. I'll get my schedule posted as soon as it is finalized. Carve on!

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