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Chris is from Lee’s Summit Missouri and other than a few years spent in Western Colorado, has lived in Missouri for close to 45 years. His passion for carving started when he was young were regular trips to Branson Missouri and Silver Dollar City were a big part of the summer. 


While fascinated with all of the craftsmen and their creations, the Woodcarving shop was always a special shop to visit and talk with the woodcarvers.  The smell of basswood and the chips on the floor resonate in his memory. He still remembers when they would ask him if “he was going to be a carver someday” and he would answer with a resounding, “Yes, someday!”. 


Chris really started carving while he lived in Grand Junction Colorado in Western Colorado. There were so many opportunities for his family to hike and explore and he needed something to do when they took a break.  Picture a mountain spring or lake surrounded by pine trees and aspen trees and that is where Chris would be carving. If they got lost, they could just follow the trail of wood-chips that he left behind. 


Chris’s dream of carving at Silver Dollar City in Branson came true in August of 2019 when he was invited to be a Guest Woodcarver at Valley Woodcarvers. He spent a day or two each month carving and meeting the guests in the City and had an absolute blast. He told people he was a great example of “dreams coming true and prayers being answered”! Chris continues to be a Guest Carver and appears in the City one to two weekends during the season. His schedule is posted on the home page under "Out and About". 

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